Whole Jumbo Kalamata Olives in Premium Olive Oil 13.6 OZ (480g)

Our Kalamata Olives are perfect for pastas, salads, snacks, fresh or hot dishes. Add flavor, quality, depth and balance to your favorite dishes or anything else you can dream of in your kitchen.

  • Preserved only in Premium Olive Oil

  • Sweet and Salty Contrast

  • Jumbo size olives

  • Fleshiness

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Olives preserved only in Premium Olive Oil. NO water, red wine vinegar, added salt and vegetable oil.

  • Product description:

    - Taste: Salty and light sour

    - Taste: Little bitter and strong

  • Extraordinary for:

    - Pasta

    - Salads


    - Fresh / hot dishes

Quality Parameters and Nutritional Table