Certified Wild Mountain Oregano Ground 0.7 OZ (20g)

Our Mánamu Wild Mountain Oregano is obtained directly from the mountainous regions of Greece. Mánamu Mountain Oregano clusters are naturally dried and contain important aromatic, flavor and nutritional qualities necessary for your culinary experiences.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

    In combination with other foods high in Antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables and Premium Olive Oil, oregano provides a hearty dose of antioxidants that can help improve your health.

  • Premium Glass Jar

    Our Mánamu mountain oregano is kept in a Premium glass jar to protect and store in a dry and sealed place, away from direct light and heat. Lid with built-in holes for ease of use.

  • Ground oregano

    Add flavor and aroma to your Mediterranean dishes. Add a dash of oregano to your vegetables, pizza, tortilla soup or lasagna, or to your favorite dishes.

  • Flavor Notes

    Deeply aromatic with strong flavor qualities and savory notes with hints of lemon, pepper and mint.

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