Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 OZ (500ml)

  • Ultra Premium Certificate

    Our Mánamu Olive Oil is certified as Ultra Premium for its low degree of Acidity of 0.2 - 0.3%.

  • Cold pressed

    The extraction of our Mánamu Olive Oil is less than 27°C to preserve all the aromatic and flavor virtues of the olive.

  • Natural Benefits

    High levels of Polyphenols (Antioxidants) due to its slightly spicy and bitter taste. Olive Oil is a natural superfood, it does not contain gluten, cholesterol or sodium.

  • Winner of the Bronze Quality Award

    Bronze Quality Award at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2021, is one of the largest and most important EVOO competitions in the world.

  • Limited Edition Bottle

    This 20-21 vintage is bottled in a Limited Edition bottle. Screw cap, built-in pourer for easy use and sealed in a dark bottle to protect the oil from light.

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Aroma and intensity descriptors recognized by the Koroneiki Variety Olive Oil Tasting Panel

Flavor Notes

Product Description:
- Complex flavor profile
- Floral, herbaceous and balanced

Extraordinary for:
- Marinate
- Garnish
- Pasta
- Fish Seafood
- Meats

Quality Parameters and Nutritional Table

The physical-chemical analysis of the Mánamu Extra Virgin Olive Oil carried out by the Hellas Chem Laboratory issued on 11/18/2020, yields the following results: