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Mánamu Olive

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Early Harvest" (Rich in Polyphenols)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Early Harvest" (Rich in Polyphenols)

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Excellent Olive Oil rich in Polyphenols (325.1mg/kg). Extremely low acidity (0.27%), 100% Koroneiki variety.

The selection and collection of the fruits (Olives) to extract what will be "Early Harvest" Olive Oil are its main differential factor, since these two processes are carried out at the beginning of October, when the Olives present an initial stage of maturation (green color). We know that the harvest date in Greece is from October to December of each year.

Polyphenols are a group of chemical compounds that are present in most foods of plant origin, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Certified). Polyphenols are antioxidants with multiple benefits for our health. For this reason, the bitter and spicy taste are considered positive characteristics: they are, in fact, the litmus test of the presence of polyphenols in Olive Oil.

The quality and availability of this type of Olive Oil is very scarce and exclusive, as data, 8 or 10 kilos of fruit (Olive) are required to extract a liter of "Early Harvest" Olive Oil. An olive tree usually gives 20 to 25 kilos of olives on average, therefore, we are talking about that for each olive tree, 2 or 3 liters (6 bottles 500 mL) of "Early Harvest" Olive Oil are extracted.

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